Frequently Asked Questions

Currently there is only two options available. An all-in-one model that is ready to use and a construction model that can be finished with a custom surround.
In 1905 Heinrich Rubens wrote a paper in the Annalen der Physik that discussed a demonstration of a standing sound wave in flammable gas which would become known as the “Rubens Tube.” In a Rubens Tube, the flames “dance” based on variations in air pressure caused by sound waves, as described by Bernoulli’s equation. Blazing Beats is a two-dimensional version of the “Ruben’s Tube” – optimized for maximum visual responsiveness.
Yes!. Blazing Beats was designed to work with both Propane and Natural Gas. Blazing Beats fire pits can be fueled by standard 20# tanks like those used in BBQ grills. It can also be fueled by Natural Gas with the appropriate regulator. Let us know which type of fuel you prefer when you order and we'll send you the correct regulator!
Yes! Simply light the fire pit as instructed in the operations manual and don't turn on the audio. The flame will behave similar to a standard fire pit. Better yet, play something quiet and relaxing and enjoy the show!
Yes! You can enjoy Blazing Beats year round, even in the hottest months. Simply turn on the audio unit and play your favorite music without lighting the fire.
Blazing Beats is warranted against manufacturer defects for 1 year from date of purchase. Tampering with the burner or electronics will void the warranty.

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